DumbWise Theatre present 
by Euripides/Sophocles
In a new version by John Ward

Bunker Theatre
Feb 27 - March 24, 2018

A Mother clings to power whilst her Daughter screams murder.
An estranged Son is coming home.
A bloody family saga sprawling decades is about to reach its conclusion.
Everything is about to change

A Queen masterminds the murder of her Husband and takes the throne with her new lover. Her Daughter, Electra, grows up in the grip of a cruel regime, swearing revenge. Her Son Orestes, exiled as a boy and raised in the arms of the rebels, waits to embark on a holy mission to reclaim his country.

Two decades later a twist of fate brings Brother and Sister together; united by hate but divided by faith. With the country on the brink of civil war, the most powerful family in the Kingdom are torn apart from the inside as their dark past once again becomes the present.

The revolution will be televised, but are The Gods watching?

DumbWise reinvent the murderous Greek myth of power and prophecy as a lyrical modern epic with a live punk-rock score.

Creative Team

Director John Ward
Musical Director David Hewson
Designer Samuel Wilde
Lighting Designer Sherry Coenen
Movement Director Rachel Drazek
Fight Director Mark Conway
Producer Euan Borland
Stage Manager Monica Trabucchi
PR Chloe Nelkin


Electra Lydia Larson
Orestes Dario Coates
Clytemnestra Sian Martin
Aegisthus Matt Brewer
Chorus/Kings Advisor Dean Graham
Chorus/Chrys/Queen’s Advisor/Host Megan Leigh Mason
Chorus/Farmer Samuel Martin

Electra could not have been possible without the support of:
Michelle Barnette, Nick Borsack, Florence Brad, Amanda Collins, Mark Conway, Chris Cookson, Rod Dixon, Victoria Dyson, Gary Hewson, Simon Hewson, Joey Hickman, Philippa Kane, Alex Packer, Elliott Rennie, Jess Tyler, Esquire Ward.



Nominated Best Ensemble by the Off West End Awards 2018

"Ancient Greece & punk collide to make an inspiring piece of theatre, performed with heart & spirit – a real call to arms!"
★★★★★ Please Mind The Blog

"John Ward has directed something beautiful, intense and primal at the same time”
★★★★ ½ Theatre Box Blog

"It’s a production full of energy, the kind that creeps under your skin and gets into your bones."
★★★★ Miro Magazine

“Electra kicks ass. It's Greek drama firing on all cylinders: exciting, involving and exhilarating.”
★★★★ London City Nights

"The use of punk-rock music to back the bloody deeds works very effectively."
★★★★ Reviews Gate

"An accomplished and dynamic production."
★★★★ Spy in the Stalls

"Reinvents a classic for a new generation."
★★★★ Hayley Sprout

"It’s exciting, viscerally acted and played, and recreates the spirit of the original in ways we’re just rediscovering. And there’s some seriously good dramaturgy."
Fringe Review.

"This is a stylish and bold reinvention for a modern audience."
Stage Talk Magazine

"Ward has found a stylish way to make ancient Greek drama seem exciting."
The Stage

"Lydia Larson’s performance marvellously captures the rage and determination of the wronged daughter."
Exeunt Magazine

"Dario Coates gives an excellent performance as Orestes, the lost son torn between his own moral judgment and his faith."
British Theatre Guide